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Professor, PhD  Daniela Ancuţa Şarpe

PhD thesis under the guidance

PhD Student


Alexa Ioana-Veronica

Modeling Product Specialization in International Trade - a Game Theory Approach 

Cazan Doiniţa

 The Analysis of the Educational Politics Impact on Economic Development Level

Cucoş Alina Florentina

Rate Policies in the Domain of Communities Services of Public Utilities - between Liberalization and Monopoly 

Neculiţă Valentin

 The Impact of Regional Integration on Economic Growth - Approach of Central and Eastern Europe Countries

Toma Simona – Valeria

 Identifying, Measuring and Managing Risk in the Economic Activity

Doctoral Thesis Completed

PhD in Economics


Muntean Mihaela-Carmen

Specialization of tha Romanian economy as a factor to increase competitiveness on international market 

Novac-Ududec Cornelia

The IT impact in the decision processes of the knowledge economics 

Oprea Radu

 Entrepreneurship in times of economic and financial crises, methods of adaptation and survivall

Pripoaie Silviu

The idetification and cuantification models of underground economy 

Chiriţă Mioara

The sistemic analysis of the global economic crisis - realities and perspectives 

Matei Daniela

 Contributions in modeling operational risks field at company level - applications in shipbuilding domain