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The mission of the Research Center of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – Development Strategies for Economic Competitive Systems - is to develop the research activities of the faculty, to determine collaborations with other members of the academic environment, from institutions specialized in research across the country but also from abroad and with the business environment, in order to contribute to the economic and social development with a regional and national character.

The center assures the institutional and informational framework for developing the research capacities of the faculty, its role being one with multiple facets: that of initiator of the research activities, of formation and development of research abilities, and of disseminating the research outcomes.


The functions of the research center

The center undergoes the fundamental and the managerial development researches:

1. Applied research – the center elaborates new operational and tactical procedures, taking into account the new economic order. Also, it is able to undergo consulting and research activities within the economics field.

2. Managerial development in the socio-economic field – the center undergoes consulting activities in order to improve and bring efficiency to the managerial methods and techniques, putting into practice the strategies of development of the competitive economic systems.

3. Education and formation – the center proposes to offer education and specialization programs, such as advanced postgraduate study programs.

4. Knowledge transfer – the center aims to collaborate with various interested companies, in order to identify and highlight knowledge that can be transferred, adopted and developed in the industrial and trade-tourism services systems.

5. National and international scientific collaboration- the center aims to cooperate with other centers or institutions involved in the scientific research activities in the field within the country or from abroad, in order to get informed, get documented, to share or to make the infrastructure available, to exchange researchers and students, to create/restructure postgraduate education programs etc.

6. Development of programs (research strategies) – the center develops research programs on a medium or long run inspired from the market’s demands.

7. Organizing scientific events – the center proposes to organize symposia, conferences, experience exchanges etc., by which to ensure the dissemination of scientific outcomes of its members as well as their preparation and improvement.